Notification Center in iOS 7 Devices: What It Offers Users

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iOS 7 Notifications and Notification Center Tips for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch

In case you still couldn’t find some time to learn everything about iOS 7 Notification Center options, this post is designed to help you figure it out and learn how to use / customize the new feature released by Apple this fall.

Notification Center in iOS 7

The Center was created to help customers keep track of their notifications. It gives fast and easy access to them via one app. The feature is nothing brand new but it got a redesign and let’s users customize it the way they like it. Here is everything you should know about Notification Center in iOS 7.

Privacy Protection

When you launch Settings and go to Notification Center, the first thing is highly advised to do is scrolling down till you find Emergency Alerts and AMBER options. Turn them on even though this is optional.

This way you can protect your privacy. For example, if you disable Notifications View in Notification Center – Access on Lock Screen no one will be able to access this center when your iPhone is locked. The same happens when you turn off Today View option.

You can choose which applications are to be listed in your Notification Center by clicking on the application name and choosing either “Include” or “Do no include.”

By selecting Frequent Locations you can see the map with all the places you have visited. You can turn it on in Settings – Privacy – Location Services and choosing Services – Frequent Locations.

Types of Notifications

You can select the style for your notifications. You can choose between Banner, Alert and None located in Notifications – Messages – Alert Styles.

If you choose banners you will see them at the screen’s top. They do not interrupt your actions and disappear in a while. Of course, you can miss such a notification if you don’t look on your handset when the banner appears.

If you select alerts, you will definitely get the message because they interrupt whatever you are doing and make you dismiss the message.

If you select “None” option you will get no alerts.

You can choose to preview how your message appears on the screen via Messages notification settings.

Different Notification Settings

  • Show on Lock screen will display your notification on both unlocked and locked screen.
  • Alert Sound allows adjusting the sound / vibration / sound & vibration for alerts you get. You are able to select particular sounds for Phone and Messages applications only.
  • Badge App Icon shows you how many messages are pending for you to check them out on the program’s icon.

Customize Your Notifications

You can make every app unique by applying Notifications settings to different programs using the tips above. You can do this to News, Mail, Calendar and similar applications.

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