Apple launched the countdown to the start of the live broadcast of the event

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Apple announced on the live broadcast of the presentation, which will take place on 9 September. This was quite expected, based on previous practice. Of the innovations of this year on the company's website has a countdown timer before the start of the presentation and a link by clicking on the Apple devices, users can add the event to their calendar.

The presentation will take place on Tuesday at 9:0 pm Moscow time. Apple has sent out invitations to journalists. The venue for the autumn launch is not typical. The event will be held at the Flint Center in Cupertino, instead of the usual Moscone West.We also know about the construction of a large building outside the Flint Center, but you don't know its purpose. It looks like a presentation surprises.
Should I follow the broadcast? Of course, it is worth! We are waiting for the next generation iPhone in two variations, the clever wrist accessory and other news and products. Even though a lot of updates to already know, Apple still will find a way of all surprise.
The video will work in Safari version 5.1.10 and later. You will also need OS X 10.6.8 or newer. If you plan to watch the broadcast on a mobile device, then you will need a version of iOS not below 6. Owners of the Apple TV 2-nd and 3-rd generations with firmware not below 5.0.2 also will not experience problems with viewing the broadcast. But there may be problems for Windows users. According to 9to5Mac, the broadcast is not a word about QuickTime 7 for Windows. Previous broadcasts include this feature as described in the description. You cannot say for certain, but there is a possibility that the PC will not be able to view the event., as usual, will maintain its own broadcast of the event. After a couple of hours we will describe in detail how and where it will take place. We advise you not to leave because our readers are just terrific surprise. Keep an eye out for our site!

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