First in line for the iPhone 6 is already busy

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Apple Store на 5-й авеню
Every regular reader of knows the date of presentation of the iPhone 6and other new Apple products and is looking forward to Tuesday. However, among Apple fans around the world were people whose patience, on the one hand, it is possible to measure very small values, or vice versa. Near the Apple Store at 5th Avenue in Manhattan has already formed a small line of people who plan to buy the first iPhone 6.
Colleagues from 9to5Mac pointed out some photos, posted to Twitter, Apple fans.According to these pictures, a small group of people, well prepared for any weather conditions, lined up in the queue and are very happy with the fact that the new Smartphone will be among the first. They have prepared for a long wait, but the wait is really long. The novelty will be shown early next week, but its sales may start only one month later, as loyal fans might realize. But no opportunity to buy iPhone online, nor the lack of information about the date of the beginning of sales of their non stop.

Later these desperate daredevils for sure there a large queue of people, but they were the first to join in the opened door and make a really long-awaited purchase. I do not take the judge exactly what makes them tick: a fan's love, or the desire to make money on selling the iPhone in countries not in the first wave. I hope that all the same second.It is known that Apple, in Russia on the first day of sales, acquire such a fabulous price for finding a patient person in the queue.

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