Overview of HTC One 2 appeared in the network

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The new flagship of HTC will be released very soon. In this regard, we will see an increasing flow of thematic photo-and videouteček. For example, today we would like to share with you videoobzorom.By the way, called the new flagship will be intricately: The all new HTC One
htc m8 xda rendering
© hamdir, XDA-Developers
As usual, the official version says the video hit the Internet because of terrible mistakes and negligence by the company, but we know the truth. A detailed comparison of new gadget with the previous apparatus Taiwanese producer reveals all the secrets: what's new, we will see in The all new HTC One, what will change compared to the previous version. All of this can be seen in the video.
Package of HTC One 2 is made of polished metal, which makes it look even more representative. In the cell we are seeing two sensors and updated Sense 6.0. All buttons onscreen, as expected.

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