Question of the week: what are your favorite old games?

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Remember the old toys we led the Internet find one employee — Web-based emulator Gameboy.The emulator turns a smartphone into a game console from the 80 's, with black and white Super Mario, Tetris, Bomberman, and other hit games of that time. Very funny to play Super Mario 1989 model year using the touchscreen of the modern Smartphone.
benmidi gameboy
A funny emulator/© Nintendo, benmidi
The first generation of Gameboy Emulator was developed by a guy named Ben Wilson.Unfortunately, it did not include the amusing high-frequency ringtones that accompany the games of the time, but we hope that this feature will be added (unless, of course, the emulator suddenly not interested in Nintendo and not ask the author to remove the design from your site). Toys available in the emulator-Mario Land, Tetris, Dr. Mario, Bomberman, Kirby s Dream Land ´, Space Invaders, Motocross Maniacs and others.
Link to the emulator:
Whether you're playing from time to time in retro games? Any old toys installed on your Smartphone?

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